Saturday, 9 October 2010

A Birthday, A Gym Membership and A HOT Naked Man! ☺☻

Firstly I would like to say a VERY BIG happy 70th birthday to the legend that is John Lennon.... A grand shame. Google has dedicated such a lovely video to be enjoyed by all.
John Lennon Google Doodle!

On other news this week, I decided to make one of the biggest dedications of my life.... Can you guess?


That's right.... A 12 month contract, another direct debit.... =S I take it this is how it feels to grow up! I had to way up the pro's and con's of this decisions and the main one's I came up with were the obvious:
Pro - Loss Weight
Con - Can eat more with out feeling guilty
Con - Taking out a Direct Debit that has a LARGE risk ending up being paid for, with no results as I will be eating, sitting on my arse and feeling guilty whilst watching TV..... I already pay for all that.... Damn.

BUT SAUNA?!! Decision made!! Well worth getting that whenever I like! Little did I know what else I was going to be getting for my money!

It was a Thursday... about 7.30pm. Gym memberships for both myself and Best and we made our way to our gym.  A hard work out had just been completed by all with a sweaty result and the sauna was calling our names..... We were sweating in there talking about Ex (Best's old flame, we can't seem to put him out at the minute. Also Ex is Boyfriend's brother =S) and Boyfriend WHEN.... A hunky man walked around the corner...


As I am sure you already know our new topic, you can imagine the things being said, the next thing I am about to tell you probably won't shock you, or will it?


We had the luxury of being able to watch some GORGEOUS HUNK that looked as if they just walked out of a Armani photo-shoot shower IN THE BUFF! YUM...

Armani Photo-shoot Photo

To think Best had nearly missed out on this experience as she didn't fancy the gym.... mind you it only took one mention of a McDonald's to convince her otherwise ha ha.

So to conclude!

Gym membership = £491.00 a year
Time with Best = 1 McDonald's
Sauna = 1 Gym Membership
Seeing a hot naked man shower whilst in the sauna = PRICELESS :)

I knew there I was reason I joined the gym. I also have to keep reminding myself that it is an investment of my health.....and my sex and the city life style

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