Sunday, 10 October 2010

WOW, I ♥ Autumn, especily after a bottle of Shiraz. ☺

GOOD MORNING BLOG!  I have been up since 5.30 this morning.... Yes you read right 5.30AM!  I know right?  On a Sunday, with a red wine head, very depressing!  I HATE BOYFRIEND'S LOVE TO FISH!  Although, because of this obsession of his, I have had a chance to play with my own and look at last nights photos.

Do you know what I discovered at this ungodly hour? That I have an odd love for autumn and the colours we are blessed with by the trees!

Last night boyfriend and I decided that Don Vincenzo's, an Italian restaurant in Rochester, was the place to be.  As we wondered into town we realised how quickly the seasons has turned and started dancing thought the leaves.

 Night Life Autumn Boogie

After our boogie down the road we finally arrived at a very hot and VERY BUSY restaurant.  No sooner had we opened the door, in what can only be described as an urgent hurry, we were ushered to our table.  

It was a tiny table for two, cramped close to a wall,  with just about enough room for 2 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of water and a plate......  so instead the waitresses just had to squeeze on a basket of bread, a small dish of olive oil (We assumed this was to dip the bread in?) and 2 bread plates, AS YOU DO...  We could only imagine how on gods earth we would fit our meals on the table.  Despite this small space, we made the most of the fact that we were sitting in one of the best Italian restaurants in Medway.


After a bottle of Shiraz, The House Red that evening and some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life, the world seemed like a better place.  We paid the bill and floated out the door to start our journey home.
Whilst drifting down Rochester High Street, talking to boyfriend, I turned to look him loving in the eye and give him a massive kiss to thank him for a wonderful evening when.......... I ALMOST SNOG A STRANGER.  Boyfriend seemed to think, that when one realises they need to get money from the cash point, it is quite amusing and some what genius to leave your honey chatting lovingly, to a random man who seemed to be quite enjoying her praise!!  Now, had I not had half a bottle of wine to reduce the distress of this situation things would have been very different but as it goes, I was rather amused and impressed by the cheap prank.  Apparently, it seems I will do anything with half a bottle of Shiraz.
I would ♥ a bottle of the house red

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