Sunday, 3 October 2010

Things that make me..

Hello... Welcome to my first ever blog post.. just to start a few things about what I like in life...

- Love

- Music ♪♫

- Happiness ☺

- Friendship ☻☺

- Photography ***

- Laughter XD

The Red Lady

I have wonderful people in my life that I care about that I am sure you will get to know over time:

- Mother, she is one of the most important people in my life and has taught me most of what I know.  For years I hoped I wouldn't turn into her but now I realise after flying the nest from Somerset to Kent, they're worse people out there that I could be.

- Father, he is the smartest and sweetest man I know.  I am so proud to have such an amazing father that has always helped to protected me and steer me in the right direction to make sure I live the life I deserve.  My father also helped to purchase my first professional camera as he knew it was important for my passion to have the real deal.

- Boyfriend, he is the love of my life.  We first got together 8th November 2006 and the journey we have had together hasn't been easy.  At the end of 2008 he got diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2, this is were non-malignant tumours grow on the nerve endings of his brain.  Boyfriend had to have two large head operations to remove two of five tumours he has. Despite all that he is back at work full time, has a new car, I have moved in with him and we are as happy as ever .

- Best, she has been my rock since I started my new life here in Kent. Best has introduced me to so many places and people here to keep me going and I have been grateful everyday for her friendship. I don't think I have ever loved a friend the way I love her.

- Group, there are many people in our group who make me smile everyday.  Due to this I shalln't name them all but I am sure you will get to know them as time goes on ☺

- Brother, he is the coolest of the gang. We have a 16 year age gap between us but despite that we are great friends.  Brother has always told me the truth, even if Mother and Father didn't want to. I am so glad of this as it has always helped me make the right decision. Brother has also been a big influence in my life, I love his artiness and have never disliked any drawings by him!  My favourite was a birthday card he drew for our Nanna's birthday, him with a bunch of flowers and me as a tiny, skipping down the road behind him with pigtails .  Go see his blog. (People I find Interesting >>>>>) 

Sister-In-Law, a new member of our family. Also one of the most creative people I know. An amazing animator and artist. I love the clothes she makes and wears, the way she views the world and everything that makes her who she is.  Go see her blog. (People I Find Interesting >>>>>)

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